Saturday, June 7, 2014 attend our first drive-in movie

...of the season!

We are trying to capture all the moments of summer that we can around here...

And just because I often want to cram in as much activity as possible into one weekend I thought a drive-in movie would be perfect!

Even Chief joined in on the fun!

These jokers...

Love going to watch movies in the back of pick-up trucks!

Who wouldn't enjoy an evening of fun watching Maleficent?

Maybe the Dad's who'd rather be watching the Tigers on TV at home?

They were such good sports.

Especially since I made a teensy-tiny error...I thought Million Dollar Arm was the first movie of the night.  

I thought wrong.  

Much to the disappointment of the children, I didn't have it in me to stay awake for the second feature (that didn't start until 11:15) and we had to call it a night without seeing the movie we all thought we were going to see.

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