Wednesday, June 18, 2014 share the kids' activities so far

...this week

And it's only Wednesday.

Soccer games.  School concert.  State projects.

It's all fun as the school year begins (finally) to draw to a close.

Isabella had a small solo part in the school chorus program...

The school has had a new music teacher for the last month or so of school and somehow, lucky-for-us-parents, she managed to pull off putting on concert for the families.  We were pleasantly surprised by the selection of music (the tunes were both familiar and rather catchy) and the kids even seemed to enjoy their presentation.  The less than twenty minute performance was just perfect.

Afterward a friend took this photo of a few of her friends from her class (two girls aren't pictured)....

Each one of these girls (plus one more) will be moving over the summer.  The goodbyes sure are going to be hard next week...

The kids' had their state projects presentations this afternoon...

Will dressed up as the future hall-of-famer (Cooperstown, NY) Miguel Cabrera.  Isabella dressed as a farm girl.  Isabella's class worked on their projects and knowledge of their chose state for most of the school year.  She had Minnesota.  The entire 4th grade class had NY and Will chose to feature the nine areas of NY.

Today three big kids also had their last-day-of-wearing-uniform for the school year even though there is still a week left of school...Isabella isn't picture because she gets on the bus an hour earlier than these two.

We finished our day with Abbey's soccer game this evening.  The weather was less-than-desirable and the last half of the game found us soaking wet in the freezing cold rain.

Abbey didn't care.

She said she loved it.

Hopefully we won't get quite as wet in our activities for tomorrow!

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