Friday, May 2, 2014 try to relax the Mark's homecoming gets closer.

Since I learned a week ago that Mark was coming home quite a bit earlier than expected I have been pretty busy.  You see I have tripled the list of things in my head that I would like to have finished before he comes home, but at the same time I am still working and...I am still solely responsible for the running of our crazy household.

Homework.  Piano.  Guitar.  Baseball.  Gymnastics.  Repeat.

There have also been many extra things that have required my timely attention:  Doctor appointments, my passport expired (I found this out coming back INTO the US two weeks ago), NY state vehicle inspections, re-registrations for CYS services....

And then there is my is a snippet of its content:

1.  Clean out junk drawer.
2.  Buy Beer.
3.  Fix the curtains in the living room.
4.  Clean the vehicles.
5.  Mow the lawn.
6.  Make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

As you can see about 50% of the items are legit.  However, it is the rest of the items that are the things keeping me awake at night.

One side of my brain tells me to carry-on.  For example, things like tackling the area under Isabella's bed does not have to be a priority this week!

However, my manic self then will walk past her bedroom door, begin to perspire, my blood pressure will rise, and then I think...I think "Oh, my I want-to-nag-her-to-throw-that-crap-away thoughts".

I keep having a this same two-sided conversation in my head each day (the variables change but the emotions and reactions are about the same):

Manic Self:  OMG Who put those cars in the book box???  Cars do NOT belong in the book box they belong upstairs with the cars in the car case!

Rational Self:  I'll just set the cars on the steps and one of the kids will just take them upstairs on their way up.

Manic Self:  OMG!!!  Four kids have passed by these bleepidy cars...twice.  I'll shlep them upstairs myself!

Manic Self then walks by giant book shelf that is less than tidy and freaks out!!!

Manic Self:  AACK!!!!!  Who is reading all these books!  Why can't you put them back in color coded oder!!!  Series books with series books!  IT'S NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE!!!

Rational Self:  It's great that the kids like to read.  Mark loves that the kids love to read.  Mark does not care about color coded-genre ordered books.  Move on and just read the kids their bedtime story already...

Rational Self then decides to move on and change the subject.

This cycle is on repeat.  Multiple.  Times.  Per.  Day.

Lucky for my children I keep Manic Mom to myself...mostly.

Even luckier for them...there's only a few more days.

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