Friday, May 30, 2014 enjoy a bonfire

...who doesn't love the early signs of summer??

I love camp fires.

The smell.

The warmth.

The snacks.

In that order.

I think kids only love the S'mores.

These kids were ready!

Katie manned the S'mores station and was 'the-keeper-and-counter' of fairness and quantity.

She kept them all honest.

I think Luke annoyed with her rationing policy...we'll never be sure.  No matter.  I love the expression of his that I captured.

Donnie was trying to steal Abbey's...

Abbey won.

I think the marshmallow won against Paddy.

Will spent 30 seconds trying to create the perfect S'more.  His technique you wonder?

Put that marshmallow right in the flame and hold.

Then blow.

I am not why I didn't capture all the other kids on camera.  They were fast I tell you!  Cook.  Eat.  And run to play some more baseball.

I did manage to catch these two on camera though...

I don't think Friday nights in Michigan are going to be quite the same.

I'll think about that another day.

Until then we have several more Friday's here in NY to enjoy...

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