Tuesday, April 29, 2014

...to tell the kids that

...Daddy is coming home.

I'll call these TBTuesday...

July 2005 
July 2005
By this time next week the laundry will be piled higher, dinnertime will be a little more lively, the bedtime routine will be a little louder (Mark's known for riling the kids up instead of settling them down), and the evenings will no longer be lonely.

I thought I would share some old reunion photos over the next few days and share some of the thoughts and manic preparations through the next week.

For today I thought I would share some perceptions.

Reasons why people assume I am excited when they learn Mark is coming home:

1.  I will have help managing the kids.
2.  I will have help schlepping the kids to their activities.
3.  I will have help entertaining the kids.
4.  I will have help with the kids at bedtime.
5.  I will have help with chores around the house.

Reasons why people assume the kids are excited:

1.  They love their Dad and just want to be around him.
2.  They love their Dad and want him to watch them do things. ("Watch me jump Daddy! "Watch me build this Daddy!  Look at me Dad!").
3.  They love their Dad and want him to sit next to them. (Think homework, reading, watching TV.)
4.  They love their Dad and they want to take him places (Park, ball-field, school, out-to-dinner)
5.  They love their Dad and want to know he's nearby when they need him.

I think...I have demonstrated that I don't need any help.  In fact, I think we have managed pretty well.  Sure...the house could be tidier, we could eat more balanced meals, we could be a little more prompt to our activities, and the kids could go to bed at a more reasonable hour.   But those things don't really matter.  My kids don't care how messy our house is or what time they go to bed, they love having frozen waffles for dinner, and they aren't late for anything.

I am really excited Mark is coming home for the same reasons as the kids...

1.  I love Mark and just want to be around him.
2.  I love Mark and enjoy it when he sits at the counter and watches me make dinner.
3.  I love Mark and want to sit next to him to drink coffee, watch the Tigers, or sit by the fire together.
4.  I love Mark and want to go out to dinner, go for family runs, and to the park with the kids together.
5.  I love Mark and just want to know that when I have something I want to talk about, run by him, or ask him about...I can.

I have big plans for next week...
1.  Coffee
2.  Eating
3.  Baseball (Tiger's and the big kids)
4.  And...lots of time spent watching Mark and the kids make up for lost time.

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