Wednesday, May 7, 2014 welcome

...Mark home.

Mark's flight back was delayed.  There was trouble with connecting flights, not enough time to go through customs to make the connections...blah, blah, blah.  Mark was due to arrive into Baltimore, MD at 4:15 in the afternoon and then...he wasn't supposed to finish his travels up to Watertown, NY until Wednesday, May 7.

The kids and I didn't want to wait until the next day around noon to see we hopped in the car to go and pick him up.

Yes, we drove 15 hours round trip...

He's worth it.

The kid's were over-the-moon!

I think, by the look on Mark's face in this photo, we made the right choice.

This wonderful organization, Operation Welcome Home Maryland, has the area decorated with posters and welcome home signs.  They try to meet each flight, to personally thank each service member with a round of applause, and handshake or hug in addition to providing each service member with a goodie bag.  One of the volunteers takes photos of every soldier that comes through!  What a great organization!  If you are interested in seeing the photos of Mark's homecoming...she took a whole bunch of photos of our here.  In this photo, I can't take my eyes of the double doors, they are opening again....

Two of the volunteers
The kids and I arrived right at 4:15 to the international terminal and Mark's flight had just landed.  There were 400 people on the flight and we had no idea where Mark was in line in customs.

So we waited.  Maybe not-so-patiently...

One-by-one the soldiers would come through the double doors.

The kids held their signs for...the first two soldiers that came through.  At least I got a cute photo of the moment!

The little girls decided 'chase' was more fun.

Then finally...

They saw him.

Look at Abbey's face...she's watching my reaction.  

Of course I am crying.

I couldn't help myself.

Will was beside himself.

He wouldn't let Mark go.

Our family is together again.

The kids are happy.

Life is beautiful...

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  1. YAAAAAY!!!! I have been checking back for homecoming pictures and loved seeing them today! The one of Will made my heart hurt. I know our kids try so hard to be patient and strong and brave… and seeing that picture reminds me of how much they hold inside. Thank God Mark is home safely. Enjoy this special reunion time. xo