Saturday, May 3, 2014 take a break

...from the preparations for this event...

R&R October 2011
to regroup.

Our morning didn't start out so well.  The kids and I left the house early so we could go to Panera for breakfast and then go birthday shopping for Mark's special day...all before Will's guitar lesson at 11.  The plan was perfect.  

Until I realized I left my purse at home after we had driven the twenty+ minutes to our destination.  Not only did I have to drive all the way back to Post to get my wallet, but I had to ask Donnie to come and save me at the gate with my purse (since I can't get on post without an ID).

Certainly this wasn't the way I wanted our morning to start.

My children were...super annoyed.

And really hungry at this point.

We regrouped and headed back to Panera.

Woo Hoo!  They weren't even busy when we arrived and lucky for me they still had one souffl√© for Audrey (this is the one thing she LOVES for breakfast from there).

I have never had four people waiting on me in this establishment, but lucky me, they were all doting on us this morning!  They were amused by the chaos of the process of ordering for my four cherubs.  In the midst of this ordering frenzy I got a text from Mark:
"Just found out I won't be in Syracuse until later in the week.  My flight from here was pushed."
Then...lucky for the Panera staff, I burst into tears.


I have no control of my tears.

I recovered enough to complete our order, we carried on with our breakfast (the staff checked on us several times...lucky me), and we still managed to make it to Will's guitar lesson on time.

By the time we got back home I was exhausted.  I tried to focus on my list of to do's but I felt like I wasn't getting anything accomplished.  I decided to go for a run.

For the first time in several days it wasn't raining and the temps were in the mid-50's...a perfect day for a family run.

The first family run of the season!

I thought it would a great trial run activity for later next week when the six of us will get to go together.

I was so excited!  This was going to make me feel better!

The kids were not.

I heard lots of grumbles and mumbles about this event.

William was especially annoyed with me.

Mom's always know best though...

I think the run turned out just fine...

A little fresh air did all of us wonders.

Mark is still en-route home.  The kids aren't so annoyed at me any longer.  And I have a Welcome Home sign to hang.

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