Friday, December 6, 2013 watch will play

...his first two games of basketball this evening!

If you would have asked a few months ago if my kids were interested in playing basketball I would have said, "Nah...not really".

Imagine my surprise a month or so when Will came home and announced that he wanted to play basketball.   When I found out that all the kids in his class were going to play (there are only 7 other kids) I wasn't surprised. Will loves his classmates, he loves being part of a team, and he loves to play sports.  When it comes to a combination of these three things he is non-discriminatory.

Who knew that three of the four of them would quickly become basketball aficionados!

If you saw the scores of the games this evening you would have thought that Will would have come home completely disheartened.  Nope.  These lil' men played so hard and never gave up.  I don't remember the scores exactly but the first game they lost 4-36 or so.  The second was a better match up at 8-28.

*Disclaimer:  Warning!  Before you view these photos you must understand his mother takes no credit for his attire.  Will's sense of style is all his own.

During the first game these were the two boys Will was matched up with.

Yep.  They are a little taller.

I think we should have checked these boys' birth certificates.

Will didn't care.

He held his own.

And he tried so hard.

And near the end he even scored one basket.

He and his teammates ran and shot and guarded and jumped.  They never gave up.   And even though they lost we were so proud of them.

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