Sunday, December 8, 2013 recap A & A's first of basketball fun.

After sitting through hours of practices and games for Isabella and Will, Saturday was finally Abbey's turn to play!

She was so excited about practicing for her first basketball experience.

Very serious as she practiced her dribbling.

 She loved participating in the drills.

And thought taking shots was the mostest of the fun!

And take a look at who else decided to join in the fun...

Why yes.  The Little Queen herself.

Who knew she even wanted to play?

Well...she did.  And she did every drill, 

tried every shot, 

and even joined in for the final team cheer!

P. S.

Here is Paddy.  He's the real reason Audrey decided to play.

He's her BFF.

So sweet.

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  1. Oh how CUTE! Henry and James's basketball practice starts soon too. Hmmm… I'm sure that'll be interesting. :)