Sunday, December 22, 2013 go to Michigan

...but Mother Nature has had other plans for our family...

The weather is awful.  The freezing rain and ice have continued all weekend.

We have inches of ice in our driveway that the shovels and ice melt didn't even put a dent in this afternoon.

see my neighbor across the street...she worked on that mess for hours and barely put a dent in that glacier!

We have tried to make the best of our situation.

The kids have watched many movies and we have seen Home Alone more times than I can count.

We have read stories and played Little People.

We played outside and have slipped on the ice...

 jumped on the ice...

lugged the ice...

Can you tell how thick that ice is?
and eaten the ice...

We've made hot chocolate and taken naps.

Most importantly we have stayed warm and cozy and safe indoors.

I wish we could be home with our families celebrating the holidays...

And I hope that tomorrow is the day we are able to travel.

But if we can't, we'll continue enjoying our time here together.

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