Monday, December 9, 2013

Overheard this week...

When asking my four-year-old to put her socks and undies in her drawer (while I was putting the rest of her laundry away) she responds with a short rant:

"Why am I always responsible for putting everything away!  You expect me to do everything!  You don't even do anything! And then I have to do all the chores!"


I assure you, I am thoroughly confused by this statement.


While putting my ten-year old to bed the other night she says to me:

"Mom, it is your responsibility as a parent to get some sleep.  This makes all of us happier.  And especially makes you less grumpy."


So sweet.  She is really thinking about my well-being.


There is a Children's Home here in Watertown.  While driving by Saturday morning my children were asking what children 'get' to live there.  My oldest began to explain that children with bad parents have to go there to live.

Then Audrey sweetly asks, "Well when do we get to go there?" It was almost as if commenting she might like to see what this inside of the buildings look like.

Umm...this is not what she was thinking.  Silly me.

Me:  Audrey, why would you go there?

Audrey:  Well, because we have a bad momma.  Especially because you always yell at us!".



I see a trend here.

Perhaps I need to relax my temper a bit...

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  1. Damn kids!! They gotta pick up on EVERRRRYthing. Can't they let some slide? Ha ha ha. I know you are doing a great job. It's hard being a single momma to four kids, with activities and holiday events, and oh-by-the-way, Christmas coming up. Keep on keepin' on… every day down is another day closer to grad school! Miss you all!