Tuesday, December 10, 2013

...to attend the kids

...annual Christmas concert

Because they got all dressed up in the holiday finery I decided it would be fun to do a quick photo shoot before we left...

Isabella and her classmates started off the festivities with two songs...

Will had a small speaking part...

And Abigail was so proud to be part of the show...

Here is a very short video of one of the last songs...

(Don't fault the videographer.  The camera had a hard time focusing from so far away.)

After the concert, the moment we got into the van this evening Audrey said (very loudly), "What was our family Advent activity today?  It surely wasn't that concert was it!?!"

I'm afraid so sweetie.

Apparently sitting through an evening of song and dance isn't a four-year-old's idea of fun.


  1. Ha ha. That Audrey is too funny… and so is Will with all of his different hats! I wonder if that's something he'll "keep" and continue to do even into adulthood. My uncle, for example, never goes out of the house without a hat on. :) Looks like a fun concert. Well… not for Audrey. :) :)

  2. my beautiful and handsome grandchildren!! Talented AND good looking!!