Monday, December 23, 2013 finish packing

...and head out on our way

But alas...the travel Gods were still not in our favor.

While the forecast for today held only a 20% chance of rain we awoke to sleet, which then changed to flurries, which finally changed to two inches on snow on top of all the ice that we had been getting.

In addition to our weather woes, Abbey wasn't feeling any better.

As a family, we decided to forego our trip until after Christmas.

There were a lot of tears.

But the kids all comforted me and promised me we could leave for Michigan in a few days.

So...we did what we have done the past several days:  We made the best of being home and being together.

Our advent activities for the day were making homemade pretzels and working on a puzzle together.  I am not sure either of these activities received rave reviews from the peanut gallery but the point is that we were doing things together.

I found the recipe here.  The dough was surprisingly easy to work with and they were pretty delicious.

The puzzle project went pretty well.  Meaning I did a pretty good job on it.  Maybe we'll finished it tomorrow in time for Christmas?

While we did our best to not-feel-sorry-for-ourselves today two special deliveries were made to our home today that reinforced the notion of how loved we are.

I may have mentioned before that the mail to Afghanistan has been less-than-reliable.  In the first care package I sent Mark after he left, I sent him a recordable storybook.  That package took many, many weeks to get to him.  He returned it as quickly as he could and that returned package finally arrived this morning.

They couldn't wait for Daddy to read them the story of Rudolph.

And this afternoon while I was resting with Abbey a most-very-special-delivery was made.  It's special for so many reasons.... 

Amy knew I was so sad about not being able to go home.  So sad about being alone.  And so sad about not having a tree.  And Donnie, well, he must have known just who to call because just an hour or two after our conversation, this beauty was standing in my living room courtesy of very kind man named, SGT Grady.

I had tears streaming down my cheeks.

It was such a kind gesture.

The kids loved decorating it.  Just the way they wanted.  Fiesta lights and all!

It's the most favorite tree I have ever had.

"Now Santa will really know where to find us," said Audrey.

He sure will honey.

He sure will.

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