Sunday, December 1, 2013 be thankful

...for the little things we got to experience this past week

My thankful post is a bit late this week.  I am struggling doing the little things like...feeding my children three times a day, much less adding the extra's like 'computer time' into my day.

1.  Thanksgiving dinner with the Viele's.   It's hard to believe that all in the family were turned toward the camera at the same time!

What a delicious meal and entertaining evening.  Such a lovely table setting too!

2.  For being able to complete a 10K.  The course was considerably harder than I imagined it would be and it was also much colder than I had expected.  But I had a great cheering squad near the end that lifted my spirits.  Their presence added a little pep in my step (and I saw they had a latte waiting for me for when I finished)!

Besides Kyle and Taylor needs some serious kudos for shlepping six kids out early in the morning in the freezing cold (28 degrees...unheard of down in VA this time of year) to watch me finish a race...that is family love.

2.  For the time this trio got to spend together...

3.  For this little guy and watching him make his own fun with a bunch of girls this week.  Of course his fun mostly involves picking on them, taking something from them, or poking them till they tattle...

4.  For this little gal.  Who can believe she is six?  I love watching how good she is with little ones.  She followed and took care of (and tortured poor Liam) all week.  He loved it.  Mostly.

5.  For this young lady.  Nearly 11...and so wise for her young years and she has such a gift with words.  

6.  For this charmer.  She gets a bad rap for her predictably...not-so-good temper, but she's equally loving and has quite an imagination.

7.  For the phone line, internet, and Mark's willingness to call us so late at night.  I am/was so sad he was not here with us for Thanksgiving this year, but I am so thankful that I was able to talk with him and that I hear from him on a regular basis.

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  1. Great pics and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU for the 10k!!!! We have to catch up soon…. unfortunately we've been passing a stomach bug and cold around but I think we're all good now. (Well, knock on wood…) Happy Thanksgiving!!!