Wednesday, April 11, 2012 share the photos of our 'big' girl day the city

Isabella and Abigail and I had such a great day in the city.

We took the train in to NYC last week to have brunch at the American Girl store.

My big girls...
The girls had so much fun enjoying their fancy lunch and indulging their dolls with lots of attention.


A kiddie cocktail is a perfect accompaniment to any meal!

We spent a very long time perusing the floors of this massive store for the perfect treasures to take home.

the loot
No tears.  Even from the endless walking!

Whining averted.  Even though Abbey didn't get to bring a new doll home and big sister did (she bought it with her own money).

A perfect day with my girls.

Fun memories.  

Even if they are too young to remember...I'll treasure this day for a very long time.

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