Monday, April 16, 2012 be relieved

...that there is hope Audrey will find a suitor one day

Of course I say this in jest as I adore my littlest one, but she surely is a colorful child.

Yet today...while we were at the doctors' office she received her first flower from a young man:

He was a little camera shy as you can see, but he walked up to her quite confidently and handed her that lovely yellow flower in her hand.  It seemed he had picked it especially for her.

Audrey was smitten.

She carried this treasure around all morning.

A younger man.

Like mother.  Like daughter.


  1. Presumably this younger man has now stopped eating and is talking nonsense to all his closest friends. He should get over that in about 3 years this month?

    1. Excellent memory....I am not sure I knew this 'other side of the story'. Your comment brought a big smile to my face for sure.