Sunday, April 15, 2012 catch up on the blog a bit

...I am not sure where the past week has gone

Well, actuallyI have a pretty good idea.

Since our trip we have spent the better part of this week really adjusting again to life as the Crow family.

I'll save my complete thoughts and comments on reintegration for another day but in short:  It is great to be a family again.

Some highlights from our weekend:

1)  Purging.  Letting go.

Bags and bags of clothing and other items (mostly steps) are out in Mark's truck ready to go to the clothing drive at ACS.

There is no way, without let's say...Mark's encouragement, that I would have made this much progress at any time.  Much less this weekend.

2) Sleeping in.

Not only did we not wake up until 8:00 each morning, this was the sight to behold me this morning at 9:00:

So sweet.  And miraculous!  

Not once while Mark was gone was I left uninterrupted in my room until 9:00 to read and relax before starting my day.

3) Errands.

The PX on a Sunday is a recurring nightmare of mine.  It's crazy busy and more often than not you can't find what you ran in for anyhow.

But having Mark along for the errand allowed the kids and I to enjoy a stroll through the chaos.

3)  Dinner out at a restaurant.

Not McDonalds or Ci Ci's but a sit down restaurant.

We enjoyed a delightful meal at the Texas Roadhouse.

Equally amazing:  Not a tear was shed or a tantrum had.  

4)  An evening nightcap.

Delightful!  So delicious.  

These Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Martini's were a treat that Meghan gave Mark and I to celebrate his homecoming.  The vodka spends several days curing with the peanut butter cups and then I followed a few simple directions to create these dreamy concoctions!

So this is a glimpse at the Crow Family's new normal....

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