Sunday, April 29, 2012

to report a conversation I overhead

...just as we were coming in from church this morning

Mark:  William come hang up your jacket!  Isabella, you too!  Abbey, put your shoes away.  Audrey pick up your book AND put your shoes away.  Didn't you all hear there was an election for a new sheriff.  All the votes are in...and I won!

Isabella:  Who voted?

William:  I vote for Mom.

Isabella:  I vote for omm too.

Audrey:  Who is not a part of the conversation at all....screeches "MOMMY!"

Mark:  My vote is worth five and a half.  So I win.

Isabella:  But Timber gets a vote too!

Mark:  Her vote is only worth a quarter.  So see...I still win.  Even if Mom votes for herself.

It is only a matter of time before Isabella devises a new voting system complete with registration and ballots.  At which point Mark will have to begin to explain how the electoral college works...and thus the fact that sometimes, the popular choice won't win in the end after all.


  1. We are about to have an new sheriff too! Although in a few weeks they probably won't be voting for mom around here!

  2. SO funny!! Great story! :)