Wednesday, April 4, 2012 drive and ride and drive some more

...since we took a little detour to Michigan this afternoon

We spent the past few days at West Point and had planned to head back home to Drum to welcome Mark parents for the weekend.

Only Mark felt as if he should get back to see his sweet Nana.  She just turned 92 this week and bless her heart, she isn't doing all that great.

We thought it would bring her great joy to see Mark and the little ones.

If only they brought us great joy in the car as well!

Since the trip was unplanned, this means we set off UNPREPARED!

The results are as follows:

Tired drivers:  Two
Time:  More than 12 hours.
Stops:  We lost track there was so many.
Times Abbey asked, "Are we there yet?":  certainly near 50
Snacks:  Only a few.  Oh dear.
Cranky kids:  Got 'em.  Four.
Children we threatened to leave at a gas station:  1
(Guess which one?  If you guessed #4 you are CORRECT)
Children who took a nap:  1

Unfortunately for everyone in the vehicle it was not #4 who napped.

Notice the dolls hand is IN her mouth???

The consequence of our day...

Mark is quite certain he now has PTSD from the ordeal he endured today.


  1. I hope you enjoy your time in Michigan. This post made me laugh! Car trips are rough!

  2. did you bring Timber? Mrs. Chuck Norris? Inge and his rodent friend?

  3. Hey!!! This post made me laugh too! I love the picture! Hilarious! Ryan got a kick out of it as well!! Glad you survived your trip! :) Jamie

  4. Ha ha ha... love this! And I can just picture Mark... which makes this post all the funnier. Thank God you all got there-- and returned-- all 6 of you! Would've been a shame to think of Audrey alone at that gas station still. :)