Monday, March 23, 2015 share the pictures of

...our newest family member to-be.

We sure think he is pretty cute.

The kids have been pestering me for several months.   My intention was that we would not get another dog until we moved.  But that was when I thought we only had another two years or so here.  When it was determined that we will remain here in Ann Arbor for another year...well...I started looking.

I knew that I wanted a dog with many similar characteristics that Timber had:

Athleticism: We want another dog that can run with us.
Agility:  We want a dog to play frisbee and catch with.
Character: We want a dog that's devoted and love kids and people.
Size:  We wanted a dog about the size of Timber.

And a few that I didn't want our new companion to have.

Troubles with other four-legged creatures
Not trainable:  Timber didn't exactly pass obedience school the third time through...

I mostly limited my search to Australian Shepherds (smaller than most German Shepherds) and Border Collies.  Although Labs, Retrievers, and Huskies also caught my eye.

I also decided I really wanted the kids to have and enjoy a puppy.

I told myself I wouldn't be in a hurry and I would know if the right puppy came along.

I responded to a few ads.  I checked Petfinder and the shelters.  

And then I came upon him.

And this photo was sent to me.

How could I resist?

Here are his mom and dad.

His momma is a tri-color smooth Collie.  His dad is a sable-colored Rough Collie.  He looks a lot like Lassie.

It's a little too early to tell if our little guy will be smooth or rough or what colors he will be...I am pretty sure it doesn't matter to the kids.

The face painted tiara is a nice touch.

They already love him.

Isabella has been carting photos of him around.  Abbey keeps talking about how he can't walk very well and will need to be carried everywhere.  Will is thinking about all the tricks he will learn and Audrey is working on trying to convince her siblings to call him Elsa.

I think he is going to fit right in...

Too bad it's still too more weeks until he can join us.

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