Monday, March 9, 2015 enjoy some sunshine

...on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Sunday was the first nice weather we have seen in weeks.  It was the first above freezing weather we have seen in months.  AND it was the first sunny day we have seen since probably fall.  (I may  have exaggerated a teeny-tiny-bit...but not much.  MI is gloomy in the winter!)

We kicked the kids outside.  

And proceeded to tell them they had to remain outside for 1.5 hours.  

It one of Newton's Laws of motions.  What gets put in motion stays in motion.   Until an external force is applied (as in the clock telling them the 1.5 hours is up).

There were plenty of grumbles and delays tactics but in the end the time was a success.



Wet sidewalks...

Jumping child...


All four playing together...

...getting very wet.

Can you tell?

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