Tuesday, March 17, 2015

...to share a gift idea

...that will give any mom two hours of peace...

I spent the afternoon on Sunday in the basement with the purpose of finding treasures to donate to my 40 bags cause.  I needed something to occupy the girls and keep them out of my hair while I found oodles of their treasures to purge.

Isabella to the rescue!  She so kindly offered to show the girls how to use this Graphic Skinz Design Studio that Abbey received as a gift.  What was in it for her?  My thoughts exactly...well she got to try it out first.  Oh, yes.  And she got to use up the coolest of the skinz first.

Sounds like a cheesy kit?  It is.

But this kit provided my girls...my girls who turn out sketches and drawings and paintings and coloring pages in droves...with two + hours of design time.

The greater news?  There is a boy version.

I have some friends whose boys may need this very thing!  Beth?  Meghan?  Kristen?

Did I mention the Skinz stay on with water?  The machine luckily needs to be filled over-and-over again.  My socks may have gotten wet when I walked to the table to check on their progress...but I'll take water over glue or paint or glitter any day.

purple cheetah print!! A win-win for Audrey.

One of their completed projects:

As for the mess clean-up...

...it was not included.


  1. Um... yeah... this has Henry written ALL over it. But what are they exactly? Like tape strips? Did that little flower box come in the kit or did they make that out of the Skinz? This is all new to me. ;) I'll have to look it up! Thanks for the fun tip.

    1. Well...I am not sure you'll thank me but I am sure Henry would love it! The kit is basically like plastic tattoos for objects. Ours came with the pieces to make the box, pieces to create a butterfly and some other things as well. The directions say you can 'skinz' any waterproof item. They then of course warn that phones are NOT waterproof and it is NOT recommended the child put a skinz on a phone.