Saturday, March 28, 2015 see our lil' pup again

...isn't he just the sweetest?

The kids were super excited about going down to see our little guy for a short visit.

They are convinced he has grown...

And the name debate continues.

We are starting to get a bit desperate.  Mark and I are ready to name him without a general consensus.  Our votes count more than all theirs combined anyhow!

We'd like a name that is relevant to Ann Arbor.  

The front runners are: Burny (for Burns Park the neighborhood we live in) and Bo (for Bo Schembechler).  Other popular names in no particular order include:  Yost, Argo, Oliver, Forest, Charley, and Mitch.   Perhaps Amos after his Dad?   Audrey is still holding on to Elsa...

Elsa = Veto

We'll figure out his name, but we had better do it soon.  We have been told that he is already showing just how smart he is.  He has already learned to sit and shake without even being taught...just by watching his parents.

We are looking forward to having him around...

...whatever his name may be.

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  1. My vote is for Bo. I think it's a perfect dog name and he looks like a Bo. :) Good luck deciding!