Monday, April 21, 2014 enjoy our Spring Break...

...I can't believe how quickly that week went by!

The kids' week off from school went much too quickly.

We started with the Veterinary Open House and then headed off to MI.

There, the kids spent time with our families and I spent several days touring Ann Arbor with my very favorite realtor ever.  

The house hunting game is tiring and stressful.  And so very interesting!  Before I started actually touring homes, I thought I would be happy with something simple and small.

I marked the quaint homes.  You know, the ones with three bedrooms.  The ones that needed only a minor renovation (or two or three)....Houses with no yards or small yards.  Houses with only one bathroom. turns out I'm a bit picky.  Who knew?

This house-hunting thing is going to take another trip.  Or two.

We saved the Great Wolf Lodge for the end of spring break.  The kids' most favorite destination!  My Dad's Christmas gift to the kids.

They sure did have fun!  I only a few photos to document our time.  (My camera doesn't mix too well with water.)

 I needed a vacation from this vacation!

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  1. Are you looking to buy in MI? House hunting is tricky, especially when you can't just drive down the street to check different places out. I think the one-bathroom one should be crossed off your list asap. :) Sorry to rush off the other day. I was really enjoying our conversation… we'll have to finish it soon. Looks like a fun spring break!