Sunday, April 6, 2014 enjoy our free weekend could be awhile until we get another!

Don't worry.  I (we) stayed plenty busy.

I spent the day on Saturday with Abbey at a Girl Scout event.  She was delighted to spend the day crafting and creating.

This's about to permanently disappear.  No more snow pants.  No more face masks.  They are washed, dried and ready for packing (or giving) away.  

Side note:  For those of you wondering, there is still no verdict on whether or not our cherubs will need their snow gear through the next winter season.  Technically, we still have nine more days to decide.  

It was nice enough to spend a little time outdoors today.  Sunny and 42 degrees.  

I am not kidding when I say that Audrey must have asked to go to the beach at least five different times throughout the day.  I guess our winter has been so long she has lost all perspective on appropriate beach-going weather.

As you can see, I started a little project.

We watched a little baseball.  Too bad the Tiger's lost.  The big kids watched this game start-to-finish.  Isabella even donned her rally cap late in the ninth inning!  

Because we didn't buy the package from Time-Warner this year there are no commercials.  Instead, this image (below), shows up during the commercial breaks.  So I sang "This Little Light of Mine" each break-time...for last year's sake.  The kids did not appreciate this.

Abbey and I shot some hoops....

This girl sure can dribble!
While Will played with the boys across the street.

Audrey rode her bike.  We played catch.  And the kids even dug one more sled out from the snow.  As you can see, it is melting.  

Slowly but surely it is melting.

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