Sunday, April 27, 2014 enjoy a most amazing destination.

With the three ladies I love the most.

I can't believe you all pulled off one of the best surprises ever!  And...even more surprising is that I loved the way in which you did it.

A few of the things I'm sure to remember with a smile:

I have never heard of a town called "Skinny Alice" but I'll always think of this town with a smile.  And will refer to it as such from here on out.  Note:  It's really pronounced "Skinny Atlas" and spelled Skaneateles.

I have never EVER went to a bar in my bathrobe and may never again.  (You must keep in mind that most (actually ALL) of the other guests were in shirts/ties....)  But it sure was fun in good company!

Blind taste tests really do work when you have to figure out which piece of chocolate you like the most.  Who knew that Goji would be my favorite?

Champagne at 3:00 in the afternoon tastes delicious!

Turning 40 is awesome...and I'm not even quite there yet!

It turns out I might not mind surprises after all...

Thoughtfully planned, sweetly presented, and perfectly executed.

Thank you Mom, Meghan, and Amy....I couldn't have planned anything more perfect.

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