Wednesday, April 2, 2014 show the signs of Spring

...around our home.

1.  We have started 'finding' long lost items.

Can you tell what this is?

It is one of our shovels.  Thus far we have found one bath toy, three shovels, and two sleds.  Mmm...wonder what else we have lost?  Only about 2.5 feet of snow to go!

2.  Audrey was able to actually play outside!

As you may have gathered, this girl is a tad...finnicky.  Well, the Little Queen finally deemed the weather 'suitable'.

3.  We can almost see the sidewalk to our side door.

4.  The children are wearing shorts.  Does it matter they are still wearing boots and winter coats?

Oh.  And today was also the first day of baseball practice.

(Baseball is an extra...a bonus sign of spring if you will.  Yes, practice was in-doors.)

5.  A new batch of beautiful purple (my favorite color) tulips (my favorite spring flower) were delivered to my door...

Spring is that much closer to Mark coming home.

If I am really lucky...there will only be one more batch of flowers delivered...

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