Wednesday, June 6, 2012 order plates

 ...LOTS of them.

It is no secret that I love to entertain.

And I know for sure that I have gotten much better at it over the years thanks to Meghan.

While we were all at West Point the Morrow's made the plunge and purchased oodles of plates.  Dinner plates and salad plates.  And Mark teased Meghan endlessly.

Two sets of thirty-six plates?

Better for the environment. 
They will be used many times.
          Saves money.

While we were there with the Morrow's at West Point we borrowed their entertaining-ware several times.

Let's fast-forward to this past weekend.  I hosted my first, back-to-the-real-Army soiree.  And while the afternoon gathering was lovely, I barely had enough dinnerware for all of my guests. just a few weeks I will be hosting another gathering.  This next gathering is sure to have many more guests...

Don't you think it would be even more perfect with coordinating dinnerware?


Mark did too (without hesitation).


Guess who just ordered a whole bunch of plates?


  1. Love it! Can't wait to see what you ordered!

  2. It's a special time in everyone's life...ordering plates. Can't wait to read the next post. :-)