Wednesday, June 20, 2012 finally say "Hello Summer" today was FINALLY the last day of school as well the last day of soccer.

I am not sure who was more excited to see today finally come:

Myself or The Big Kids

I am tired of bed time routines, lunch-making routines, and getting-ready-for-school-WHY-YES-you do-have-to-brush-your-hair-before-school routines!

I am ready for less structure, more hanging out, less stress and more outdoor time.

Summer here we are!

last day of school at the bus stop
This lovely lady...who drives a rowdy group of children back and forth to school each day, just adores all of the children at this school on her route.  She even....(GASP) goes to the school music programs and talent shows voluntarily just to support these kids.

with Ms. Sandy
 Isabella with Mrs. Bezanilla...

her last hug as a third grader
 William with Mrs. Abbass...

his last day as a second grader
 William with Mrs. Jones...

he started the year in first grade with her.  She was a great teacher for him (until February)!

 Getting their soccer awards:

Phew.  We did it.  

And what better way to celebrate than with ice cream!

What a school year!

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  1. Oh my goodness... I already feel as though I've lived an entire summer and yours is just beginning! Which only means that I've got that much farther to go (and entertain!)... ha ha! Cheers to ice cream, sleeping in (good luck with that!), and lots of fun time with friends! Love the pics! :)