Wednesday, June 13, 2012 go to Abbey's last... game of the season.

Team Crow

Things I enjoy:

I enjoy watching Abbey participate in her activities because she gets so excited to go.

I enjoy seeing her all dressed up ready to participate.

I also really enjoy getting to chat with the other moms.

Things I do not enjoy:

I do not enjoy the mad rush that occurs both before and after each of the evening's activities.

I do not enjoy the rush to get dinner.

I do not enjoy the rush to find the sports clothes, the water bottles, and all of the said sports accessories.

I do not enjoy rushing to get there on time...

  • so this child of mine can spin pirouettes on the soccer field or

  • so she can practice spitting water from her water bottle as far as she can or

  • so she can take herself out of the game because she is 'tired of running'.

I do not enjoy the rush to get home to bathe the heathens.

And I do not enjoy the rush to get everyone to bed.

Nevertheless despite Abbey's declaration the other day that:
"Mom, I want you to un-sign me up for soccer.  I am kinda tired of running around and stuff."
I persevered and helped her stick it out for the last game and for the treasured soccer trophy.

Abbey with her coach
I did catch an action shot of her this evening:

And finally I caught this adorable photo of the Team Crow/LaGrange cheering section:

Although I am a broken mom from weeks of soccer (and baseball) I am certain Abbey will sign up for a  repeat season in the fall.

P.S.   The big kids get to experience another week of soccer bliss!

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  1. Why is Audrey scowling so much in the first picture? What a funny picture. You're a great mom. Someday they'll appreciate your taking them to all their activities.