Monday, June 4, 2012 host a gathering first back-to-the-real-Army party

The afternoon was lovely.

The guest of honor was very gracious and sweet.

I wasn't involved in the planning of this event until the venue became my home.  And even then, the other two ladies had already seemed to have everything under control and really wanted to provide all of the food.

Thus, my part was going to be easy.

Did I just say that???

Of course since it was supposed to have been simple,  I needed to create extra tasks for myself.  And since I wasn't responsible for food, I was able to focus on other things.

Important things like:

cutting off the ugly plastic hangar thing off of my fern on the front porch

ugly plastic hangar on

good thing I cut it off!

and arranging some fresh flowers

And attempting to make a new signature drink....or two.

Thus creating another one of my signature out-of-control messes:

I highly recommended both of these concoctions found here and here.  

The first one is a fruit cooler recipe that is made with a simple syrup...pretty easy to do if you don't mind the mess of juicing several oranges and lemons.

The second recipe requires 'cold brewing' the coffee.  In my opinion, having made iced coffees in two ways, I don't think that cold brewing is worth the time and effort involved.  And while I thought I was clever in using my Cuisinart to straining the grounds without the water running through the created a gigantic mess.  


The kitchen cleaned up pretty well.

And the drinks were a success.


  1. YEAH! everything looked gorgeous! i agree about the cold brewing - not worth it. And, i am glad that the tags worked out for you - the cups look great, straws, etc - awesome job :)

  2. Love your fern pictures! LOL! Everything turned out beautiful!

  3. Looks like you didn't have enough plates.