Thursday, November 13, 2014 take my oldest horse backing riding...

...she sure has had a rough couple of days.

I think that being a middle school student is hard.

I think being a middle school student in a new school is harder.

I think being a middle school student in a new school in a new state with new glasses and new braces is probably the hardest...

Isabella has had a couple of whammies come her way yesterday and today.  Yesterday she found out she has to wear glasses.  If I had to guess...these are a life sentence for her.  You see I started wearing glasses around 11 years old and now I have terrible vision.  Having said that, they have come a long way with corrective vision surgeries.  Perhaps some day Isabella will explore her options.

Until then this is her new look...

Then, this morning, bright and early at o'dark thirty, we went to the Orthodontist.  I think we both had the impression she was going to be fitted with her expander appliance.  The end.

Well...after nearly ninety minutes of having her mouth pushed, prodded, stretched, and pulled on...she emerged with a full set of dark blue and light blue braces AND the expander.

She was sore, cranky, annoyed, and emotional.

Bless her heart.  It broke my heart to drop her off at school after this appointment.  I hated leaving her there, telling her basically to buck up and carry-on with her day.  I know that was the right thing to do.   I wanted to tell her she could go home, lay in bed, and read all day.

Instead, I confirmed her riding lesson and surprised her by picking her up at the end of her day.

This girl was in heaven.

I think horses make middle school life a bit more bearable.

P.S.  She wouldn't let me take a picture of her with her braces on.


  1. Oh what a bummer 2 days! But great ending! I started in 7th grade with glasses also.isabella, you look beautiful with the glasses and the braces!

  2. I know she probably won't believe me, but I immediately thought how pretty she looks with glasses on! I was so surprised at how grown-up looking she's become. I guess I still think of the little girl from Benning and West Point. Isabella, if it's any consolation (and I doubt that it is), I also wore braces and glasses AT THE SAME TIME :( :( and hated it. But looking back, I suppose it was best to "fix" those issue then because today, I do not wear braces and glasses at the same time. :) :) Better to fix those issues now, then have to when you're older. Plus, hey! One of the only perks about changing schools so often is that you probably won't see these kids every day for the rest of high school so by the time you get to your next school, this will all be behind you. I know, it doesn't make it easier today. I think you look beautiful.