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Weekend tidbits...

I took this photo of the Santa display at the mall on Friday.  I am not sure why I was so surprised by its presence.  The mall had Christmas music playing.  The holiday decorations were all over.  I knew I would see those things.

However, I was so surprised that Santa was there.   Posing and waving to all he mall patrons who noticed him.  I only wish I had been brave enough to take his picture.  

Instead, I felt sorry for him...that no one was sitting on his lap or even waiting in line to see him.  And then of course I realized that it was only November 7 at 2:00 in the afternoon.  

And there were no children in the mall.  

Maybe someone should let the marketing staff know that children are generally at school at that time of the day...and if they aren't in school than they are probably napping (because they aren't old enough to be in school).  

Yes, there may be some children who are the home-schooled in this area...but something tells me those children don't frequent the mall either though.

I think we'll wait a month or so for our annual Santa trek.

On another note...

We all worked in the front yard on Saturday.  Can you believe we filled nine bags from that tiny front yard alone?

I convinced Mark that the unsightly big green bush in front HAD to go.  A broken rope, a broken tow rope, and a super-heavy duty tow rope later we got that beast out.


It's looks so much better.  If only I had remembered to take a photo of it before it got dark out.

And finally,  I'll leave you with a photo of our sweet Timber.

Bless her old, nearly seventeen-year-old heart...She just wants to be with us.  She still doesn't want to miss one exciting household moment.  So much so that she has taken to sleeping while sitting up.

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