Monday, November 17, 2014 make a note

...that some days are harder than others.

Timber had a pretty rough weekend.

Bless her heart...

While we were working outside in the yard this weekend she took a fall off of the porch.  I feel a bit responsible.  Maybe I shouldn't have let her outside with us?  But she wanted to be outside with us.

And for the past month or so we have let her do whatever she wants to do.

She wants a french fry off of my plate?  Sure.
Oh...she would like an egg for breakfast?  Scrambled or fried?
She barks at Will to go and get her a treat?  How many?
She only wants to eat canned dog food?  What kind do you like best Timber?

While the last few days have been rough for her...she still has some spunk.

She still knows how to strategically interrupt a board game:

These past few days the little girls have been more mindful and careful of her...and the big kids are loving on her each time they walk past her.

And she still wants to be right next to Mark and I.

And we'll enjoy these moments.

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