Tuesday, November 11, 2014

...to make a special dinner

...to celebrate our Veteran.

I'll preface this post with a note to our families:  Thank you to our parents and brothers (and their wives) for recognizing this day...as they do each year.  Mark (and I) does appreciate your thoughts.

Having said that, this is the first Veteran's Day in many years that has come and nearly passed with little recognition.

It's a little weird not living in a military town...

Mark was in class all day and none of his classmates acknowledged the day.
I was at work all day and there wasn't a single mention of Veteran's Day at the elementary school I work in.
Our kids were in their respective schools as well...you get the picture.  No mention of what a special day this is.

That's okay.  Mark didn't choose the career he did to be thanked.

Just the same, he and the kids and I, understand the significance of this day.

And we remember and appreciate all Veteran's.

We especially appreciate our own Veteran.  The kids' watch how dedicated he is, how hard he works, and the they see the role model he is.

And they live this life with him.

It was just six months ago the kids and I drove seven hours to Baltimore, to wait for him and welcome him home...only to hop right back in the car and drive him all the way back to our home at Fort Drum.


In some ways these pictures seem as if they were taken a lifetime ago...

ready to drive to Baltimore
#4 so happy...

#3 so loving...

#2 so overcome with emotion...

#1 so quietly hopeful things will be the same...

And me...so thankful he's home safely.

Thanks to our Veteran...

and so many others who have and are serving.

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  1. So strange. Around here schools had lunches for the families veterns , we had ceremonies around town, all over the news and papers. So sad more people don't recognize the people past and present that gave us this wonderful country we all love so much!