Thursday, November 6, 2014 set up a playdate

...for Abbey.

There are some things I am good at like baking cookies, working with children, and even swimming. There are other things I do because I have to like clean bathrooms, run on my treadmill, and brush my teeth every day.

Then there are things that I avoid...things like cleaning out the refrigerator, and arranging playdates for my children.

Let me define playdate:

A child I have to invite to my house at a specific day/time for a pre-determined length of time because I don't know the parent.

I have my reasons for not loving them:

  1. Been there done that.  Waayyy back.  When I was a good mom to Isabella and Will (when they were little).  
  2. My children are lucky to have live-in playmates...three of them.
  3. Inevitably the kids (mine and the playmate) create a mess.
  4. I, more than likely, will have to figure out how to entertain this child AND my own.  
  5. The child's parent, that I don't know, will probably want to stay.
I have started to step out of my box a bit.

I caved this week.  

And Abbey was beyond thrilled to have her friend Charlie over.  

It turned out more perfect than I could have hoped.  He was a sweet little boy.  He answered my questions and talked with Abbey while they did their projects.  And while they did make a mess, (Monopoly is still all over in the toy room),  I did not have to intervene with their activities once.  Unless you count having to bust out the iron for the fuse beads.  

And Charlie's mom only stayed for about fifteen minutes.  She was also very nice.


I helped Will with his homework.
Talked with Isabella about her day.
And spent some sitting by Audrey while she played with her doll house.

And I made dinner.

That's what I call a successful playdate.


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  1. Ditto, ditto, ditto. So glad it was a successful play date and mostly that Abbey was so tickled by it! Sweet. :)