Sunday, November 3, 2013 enjoy an outing the Children's Museum in Rochester.

While the drive was a little farther than I would have liked it to be, the kids had a great time!

I had planned this outing for the kids earlier in the week, with the thought it would be a good idea to have a day trip on our first weekend by ourselves.

It was.

This place was amazing...and we didn't even get to explore the whole facility.

There was a beautiful salt water fish aquarium right at the entrance.  The kids were mesmerized.

William was immediately drawn to these magnetic tiles.

The best area by far was the supermarket.  The kids spent a really, very, very, long time in here!

Look how real it is!

Carts are lined at the entrance...

Isabella was already blazing through the store!

A cafe...

A deli...


Groceries...lots of groceries!

 Of course they each remembered to pick up some ice-cream.

The check-out was amazing!

Complete with a receipt!

We were in this section of the museum for-EVER.  Over and over they would pick out their five items, check them out, and then re-stock them.  After we spent some time enjoying the rest of the museum the kids begged to go back to the 'commissary' just one more time.

Funny...I am quite certain I never-ever, beg to go grocery shopping!

While the museum had many other fantastic activities and displays...the grocery store was still being talking about today.

I am glad we were able to enjoy the day together.


  1. This was amazing! BTW, if you are ever in Rochester, NY, stop by the National Museum of Play. You will enjoy this experience!

  2. We've been to that museum too!!!! How funny. And yes, at the time we just had Henry and James and they loved the grocery store!

    PS.Tell Will I bought a 2-year subscription for a magazine for his school!