Thursday, October 31, 2013 put up our Halloween pictures

...from the other day...

Halloween went by so quickly!

I feel like my children talk about the possibilities for their costumes for months.  And sometime, a week or two the big day, I drag out the bins and have them sort through their real options.

This year's winning costumes:

Isabella went as a cowgirl...a western horseback rider to be specific.
William as a creepy ghoulish guy.
Abigail was a witch...such a lovely one at that!
Audrey was a very warm butterfly.

This year the kids had two different dress up opportunities...the school parade and for trick-or-treating.

William's first choice for a costume wasn't exactly appropriate for school...

But he LOVED it!  Was it my choice of costume for my sweet little boy?  Um.  No.
But, perhaps he was trying to impersonate me at my worst moments?

So, for the school parade he was a wizard...

I love to see his sweet smile.

Abigail loves her witch costume and wore it over and over this week...

especially her spidery hat.

silly girls.
Audrey wasn't interested in being photographed at school...

The next morning she was more willing.

Special Note:

Please...please do not tell Audrey she is a beautiful Sean did at school.

She put him in his place as only a sassy preschooler can...

"Do you see a crown on my head?  Princesses wear crowns.  I am a fairy."

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