Tuesday, November 26, 2013

...to enjoy my time with

...with our family.

The kids and I have made a trip down to Midlothian, VA to spend some time with family over the holidays.

These past four weeks (since Mark left) have been a mix of craze and crazier with little sense of routine.  The time has left me frazzled and feeling as if there is so much to do and less time to do it.  And even worse...like I was doing so much, all the time, but it seems as if I am doing nothing well.

Consequently, the introvert in me wanted to curl up and let this first holiday without Mark pass with little fanfare, lots of rest, a bit of self-pity, and plenty of downtime.  While this scenario sounds quite peaceful to me, I thought it would be a bit too quiet and lonely for the kids.

What a great decision.

The chaos has been good for my early winter blues.

It is so fun to watch the kids play together.  And sleep together...

All but Isabella and William were fast asleep after a morning at Barnes & Nobles.  My mom and I really knew how to tire them out I guess!  Or it could be that it was a crappy, cold, rainy morning and they have all been staying up way-too-late and getting up way-too-early?

Coloring, wrestling, dolls, games, chase, reading books...I love that all of them have so much fun being together.

Abbey can't stop carrying this little guy around...

Obviously he doesn't mind.

We have played many memory and Uno games with the little girls...

And nightly game time with Isabella and Will has been great 'big kid' fun for them too.  They have been allowed to stay up late with the us and we played a new game that Kyle & Taylor have called, Flippin' Out.  This quality time has provided plenty of laughs!

I haven't taken as many photos as I would like but we all are having so much fun.  


  1. We're so happy that you y'all made the trip south. Next time...please leave the cold rainy weather in NY.

  2. I love your mom's lipstick on her! :)