Monday, November 18, 2013 go on a little (business) trip Chicago for several days.

The professional organization that I belong to holds an annual conference.  It is an opportunity for speech language pathologists and audiologists form all over the United States (and even other countries are represented) to meet to earn continuing education credits, to network, and learn about new developments in our field.

The wheels in my head started spinning as zoo as I realized the event was being held in Chicago this year.  After coordinating first with my Dad (head babysitter-extrordinaire) and my cousin Eliina & her family my plans were set into place.

**Note:  Eliina held dual roles:  head hostess and chief of directions & logistics (It is no joke navigating around Chicago!)

The girls were very excited when my Dad walked in!  Audrey asked all day..."When is Papa coming?"  "When is Papa coming?"

Lots of hugging and snuggling!

I knew their week was going to be just fine when I saw them building together.  Audrey loves to build.

I left my Dad a LONG, long, long list of activities for and flew to Chicago to be met by this adorable little gal when I got there!

Alice was just as sweet as I knew she would be and so smart too.  My, oh, my can she talk!  Just what the speech pathologist in me likes to see!

My cousin and her husband Josh were excellent hosts!  

And have a lovely home...Eliina's succulents were my favorite!  

I wish I had gotten more photos.

I was able to snap this photo of my dreary last day in the city...not exactly the kind of shopping weather I was hoping for!

 My week was an extraordinary success.  Many, many thanks especially to my Dad and Eliina.


  1. So glad you were able to get away! Your dad really is a master sitter! :) And you look beautiful in the pics with Alice and Eliina!