Thursday, November 7, 2013 share a few tidbits

...from Week #2.

1.  Trampolines are not supposed to fly.  They will fly if the winds reach 40-50 mph and they have safety nets that act as parachutes.  What goes up must come down.  If the object coming down from the sky is a trampoline...well, that is not good news for the trampoline.

2.  Children get sick.  My children never get sick when their dad is home.  Never.  Ever.  Mark has been gone just over a week and already Audrey was punky.

3.    Audrey can have spunk too...She said she was ready.  For what?  That's anybody's guess.

4.  Abbey is very helpful in the kitchen.  The girl is going to be a chef.  She loves to whip, chop, sear, bake...all of it.  Flipping pancakes is a new favorite.   She made these pancakes all by herself.  I taught her how to tell when they were ready and she didn't even burn a single one.  She even warmed the maple syrup in the microwave.

5.  It's a good thing she enjoys helping out in the kitchen because we spend a lot of time in it!  Especially when I am stressed.  When I am stressed I bake.  When I have too many things on my plate.  I bake some more.  

cookie dough brownie bites
and fitting for the season...

pumpkin roll

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  1. I love that you always share what you bake!! Those are some very cute pictures!!!