Sunday, September 15, 2013 visit the Cider Mill

...what a great time spent together today!

There is a local Cider Mill and while it is small, the kids look forward to going to it each year!  There is nothing quite like fresh apple cider and hot donuts on a brisk fall morning.

And of course nothing like your mom, starting the morning off by making you all pose for the camera:

Neither photo was successful...

However, the apples were perfect!

I think Audrey filled the entire bag herself!  

The donuts 'o' mazing!  (As you can see by Audrey and Paddy's expressions!)

And the company was delightful...

And I even got to pose with my delighted Kindergartener!

Here is another mandatory attempt at capturing our familial bliss...

After we visited the cider mill we headed Thompson Park in Watertown.  The kids had a great time playing on the equipment...

trying out the monkey bars:

going down the slide:

getting serious about races:

persevering to win them:

and yes...playing for a long while in the rocks.

We were lucky to have spent such a great morning together.

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  1. Great pictures, especially that beautiful family one by the waterfall. And those donuts look amazing. What a fun outing and it must be so nice to have Meghan and boys to go with!