Monday, September 30, 2013 coach soccer

...even though I am not exactly...good at it.

To say that is an understatement.

You see...I have never actually played in a soccer game.  I have never played in a soccer match.  In fact I don't even really know the correct terminology for this said sport.

If you know me than you probably are aware of how exactly un-coordinated I am.  You might have seen me run.  (I may do this several days a week but I am NOT good at this.)  You may have even possibly seen me kick a soccer ball once or twice with my kids.  But you have never seen me kick and run at the same time.

I am not sure I am actually capable of this feat.

But guess who is the head soccer coach for Will's soccer team this fall?

Yep.  Your's truly.

I didn't ask to be the coach.

Oh no.

I volunteered to be an assistant coach for Abbey and Audrey's soccer team.  You know where my responsibilities might include tasks like behavior management of the little buggers on the bench.

I am really good at that task.

Or perhaps even double tying the laces of soccer cleats.  I know I would get an A+ on this task.

But...running soccer drills.  Nope.

Or setting up scrimmages.  Uh uh.

Thank goodness for You-Tube.  And teach-me-soccer-drills dot com.

So each night I have set out with a plan featuring warm-ups, passing drills, kicking sets, and various soccer-ish games.  The kids are running, playing, and they even managing to kick the soccer ball here and there.

My son is thrilled I am his coach.  He doesn't seem to care that I have no.idea.whatsoever. what I am doing.

And he's the reason why I was crazy enough to agree to this nonsense.


  1. Don't sell yourself short Krissy. Remember when you played softball? Well that ball did end up hit you square in the face. But if you hadn't been chewing gum, you'd probably have caught it.

  2. Ah ha ha!!! Krissy, again... you and I are living the same life it seems! Except somehow I am teaching Sunday school. WHEN I'VE NEVER REALLY BEEN TO CHURCH! Thank goodness it's to children but still! How does this stuff happen to you and i?? I think you're going to do great!!! Keep us posted! (And I'll do the same. hee hee)