Sunday, September 29, 2013 enjoy a road trip to NJ

...and spend time in NJ.

Mark had a extra day off this weekend.  So...instead of relaxing and resting like he probably needed to, we took a trip to Princeton.

Mark had to take the GRE and wanted to meet with some folks at Princeton.

The kids and I had so much fun hangin' with the Whitlock family again...and we even got to celebrate Michael's birthday.

Here's the sweet birthday boy.  S-I-X.  

While Mark was off taking the GRE the four Crow children were experiencing a taste of homeschooling...

And I got to watch this little guy for the morning while Kristen worked for a few hours.  I kept hearing this little two-year-old-to-be was 'trouble'...

He wasn't.  He was perfectly adorable.

Later that afternoon the ice-cream man drove by...


Crazy to think that since our two families became friends (when Mark and I first moved to Princeton in 2006) the size of this crew has doubled.

How lucky we are to not only still be friends but that all of our kids are such good friends as well!

Now...if only we can convince Mark that Princeton in the school to choose!

VOTE Princeton 2015!!


  1. My fingers are crossed for Princeton!!!! I know how much you loved that area. And how far is that from Drum? I'm sure you and M have already figured out the closest route! :) So excited for your family!!

  2. I vote U of M or Notre Dame-- wonder why ( : !!

  3. UVA or bust. Or some DC school.