Tuesday, September 3, 2013

...to enjoy the last day of summer

...as we get ready for the new school year.

Today was the official end of the summer of 2013 for the Crow family crew.
They have traveled.
They swam.
They have had ice cream and smores and soda.
They visited parks, went on bike rides, and jumped for hours on the trampoline.
They got sunburned, bit by mosquitos, and stung by bees.
They have had all the fun that there is to be had in one summer.

I can tell it is time for routine because...

Sharing has shifted to bossing.
Good natured wrestling has morphed into fighting.
Teamwork has mutated into tattle-taleing.

I have loved the summer we had.
I am going to miss them while they are away during the day.

I love them with all my being.

I can only hope their teachers see the gifts they possess as well.

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