Monday, December 10, 2012 thank my Dad

...for coming to visit at this crazy time of year!

My dad has been super busy at work for the last few months.  And between football season and now basketball season he hasn't had too many days off.

Traditionally my dad has come into to town on the weekend of the Army/Navy football game so that Mark and I can enjoy a weekend away.  Even though we weren't able to attend the game this weekend my Dad still made his trek to spend some time with the kids.

And I quote him, "I needed a rest."

Mark's retort, "I don't think any one person has every used that phrase to describe time at our house..."

Audrey is his biggest fan.
I can speak for myself as well as the kids it sure was great to have my Dad around.  He cooked, he tidied, he did several art projects with Abbey, and he finished up all of my holiday baking!

This doesn't even include all of the times throughout the few days that I deserted him with my cherubs so I could run errands alone...and Mark and I even had an entire day to ourselves in Syracuse (we nearly finished our holiday shopping!).

He even...without a single complaint, had all of Amy's kids here for one of the afternoons!  And still made all of us adults dinner (to include Amy).   

For all of the things he did, I love watching him enjoy the kids the most.  And the joy on their faces when he arrived...priceless!  I am certain, their welcome, made the long drive here worth every moment of his time.

Thanks Dad!

When he left, my dad said he was ready to go back to he could rest.

Wonder when he is coming back?

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  1. Looks like they all had fun. Great pictures. We could use some cooking to, so he's coming to our place next.