Thursday, December 13, 2012 make ice-cream


Coming up with a fun family advent activities that can coordinate with the chaos can be a bit tricky...

But this will be a favorite for years to come I am sure.

Ice-cream sundae bar.

As much as I love ice-cream I didn't even sample one bite of their creations.
  • I wasn't offered a bite.  In fact, I had to prevent two of them from licking their bowls.
  • Sprinkles aren't really my thing.
  • All those combinations of textures and flavors, frankly makes me a bit queasy.

As I have mentioned before...Audrey is really 'into' bunny ears.

In case you were wondering....Will's hairdo is not-by-chance.

It was a very serious and surprisingly quiet activity.

Masterpiece 1.

So Yummy!

He added more chocolate...several times.

Sprinkles anyone?
Already the requests are pouring in for topping for our next ice-cream bar....marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham crackers, gummy bears...blech.


  1. Looks like FUN!! What a great activity... and all smiles!

  2. Who doesn't like sprinkles? Communist.