Thursday, December 6, 2012 make some ornaments

...for our Advent activity of the day

Once again, I am a big fan of 'trying to kill two birds with one stone'.

Is this an appropriate phrase to use during the holidays?  My heart tells me I should be enjoying the head tells me the kids don't know our 'familiy time' is checking things off of my what is the harm?

Ohh...the inner conflict I am facing!

I digress.

The bottom line for this evening is we knocked out a few teacher cards and other holiday gifts in the process of working together on our activity.

While I was unpacking all of our Christmas decor a few days ago, I found several ornaments and card-making kits I must have purchased on clearance at the end of the holiday season.  I pulled out these little kits for our Advent activity tonight and let the kids get to creating!

Isabella began working on her teacher's card...

Abbey LOVES anything crafty lately!

Look how carefully she was writing a note to her teacher!

Isabella crafted a clever card for the UPS man...

And Will worked on the package embellishment for his teacher's gift...

It turned out to be a pretty cute snowman craft for him.

All of us were happy with the activity.  I crossed on some gift preparations off of my list...and the girls got to draw, write, glue, and stick on foamy things to their hearts' content.  Finally, William didn't have to do any of those fine motor tasks he doesn't really enjoy by picking a slightly different project.

My conclusion:

Activity + To-Do List = Happy Family

All is well in Crow-land tonight.  

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