Tuesday, December 4, 2012

...to hang the outdoor lights


What a tortuous experience.

Everything went wrong that could have...

  • I couldn't seem to convince Frosty to stand upright.
  • I put up all of the lights and realized I had started with the wrong 'plug' end.  So I had to take them all down, flip them around, and them put them back up again.
  • I fell off the ladder.  Well not that far.  And I wasn't hurt.  The ground was super wet and the ladder was sinking too much to the left and...well, I not all that coordinated.  I am certain is was probably pretty humorous to watch.
  • I finished my project...and THEN decided to plug the lights in.  They didn't work.


No matter.

The lights are hung.  The house is decorated.

And it was an incredibly beautiful day to be outside (it was 67 degrees today!) and Audrey just played alongside me.

I did manage to capture a video of Audrey singing to her Frosty the Snowman.  (The kids LOVE this blow up guy!) I believe I need to have her watch the show a few more time to learn the words.

Take one:

A few moments later...

I love her smile at the end.  I stopped the video too quickly...but again she was asking "Why isn't Frosty singing with me?"

Sweet memory making.

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  1. I think you need to get a Frosty that sings too! Your lights look great(and I agree, what a pain in the booty)!!!