Tuesday, November 6, 2012

...to watch the election results roll in

...but I had no idea that William would be glued to the TV as well.

After dinner he asked if we could turn the TV on to watch the results.

As I was trying to impress a bit on wisdom on my little man; our conversation went something like this:
Me:  Let's pretend a state like Michigan has 10,000 votes.  And then let's pretend that that Obama wins most of the popular vote...then he'll win say about 10 of the Electoral College votes.
Will:  You mean 16?
Me:  Uh. Sure.  Definitely 16.  
a few moments later...
Me:  Now some states have more people in them then other states.  So they get more Electoral College votes than other states might.  Like...
Will:  California?  They have 55.
Me:  Yup.  Exactly (what I was going to tell you after I looked it up).
and after I double checked his stat...
Me:  And the candidate...
Will:  ...has to win 270 votes from the Electoral College to be the next President.  

Glued.  To.  The. Television.

As for me...I am most interested in watching the Empire State Building change colors.


  1. Damn that kid is smart. Good thing it wasn't me he was having that conversation with...I'd be all, "ooooh, look at the pretty colors." Haha :-)

  2. Mrs. Bezanilla did a great job teaching them about the election! Katie was full of interesting facts too! I might need to brush up on my facts too! Plus, Katie and Will did have their bets about the who the winner would be...

  3. I'd like to think we our family's gene's had something to do with that; but nope. That's all Crow. And I think he's to that age where I have to stop playing games with him, namely Trivial Pursuit.